Ex Whole Foods Employee Releases Rant Letter

A recently fired employee from the supermarket chain Whole Foods Market released a rant letter Friday about the company which has now gone viral.

According to Gawker, the employee in question sent the letter to all of the companies employees Friday afternoon after being fired from one of the Toronto locations. The employee is said to have worked there for five to six years at the company. His exact title is unknown.

“My experience at Whole Foods was like an increasingly sped up fall down a really long hill. That got rockier with every metro. And eventually, just really spiky…With fire, acid and Nickelback music,” said the worker, whose name was left unmentioned.

The ex-employee goes on to call the company “utter bulls–t” and accuses them of not being as environmentally friendly as they claim.

“Oh, you throw out enough food to feed a lot of hungry university students. Oh, you’ve installed massive television screens all over the store, sucking up energy and polluting the environment with tacky advertisements,” said the letter.

Attacks on the stores ready-made meals are also made. “Almost everything that prepared foods makes is terrible. The sandwiches are stuff of nightmares. (It’s amazing what advertising can make people think. It can even trick their sense).”

The employee goes on to say he believes his supervisors took the job too seriously saying, “Oh, you want us to politely cal and let you know if we’ll be late…but you’ll still write us up when we arrive? Kind of a dick move, guys. Oh, you actually think being 20 minutes later matters? You know Whole Foods Market is just a grocery store, right?”

“Now the employees have lost a lot of their former power and the store is being sucked into some centralized monster,” said the employee. “You’re kind of a faux hippy Wal-mart now. Great job.”

Whole Foods Market has recently announced their new charity, Whole Kids Organization which will aim to give school healthy food options for children. The company has yet to comment on the letter.