“The Real Housewives Of New York” Reunion Part 2 (Video)

Picture 5
Screen shot from RHONY
Picture 5
Screenshot from "RHONY"

Last night was the highly anticipated part two of “The Real Housewives of New York City” reunion.

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And as you could have guessed, it was no calmer than last week’s part 1 of the “RHONY” reunion.

Some juicy moments include when Ramona tried to explain why she didn’t want to be in Luann’s music video– She didn’t want to embarrass her daughter, Avery.

“Avery said “You know what mom please don’t do it,'” explained Ramona.

Luann shot back,” But she’s not embarrassed by her father getting a massage on national television, and his hairy chest?” Which sparked Jill and Kelly to play out the scene again, if anyone forgot.

Another topic of discussion- Luann and Jill. Andy asked Luann to answer a viewer’s question as to why she’s always on Jill’s side of fights.

“Maybe because Jill has enough dirt on her for a landfill,” fired Alex.

“How desperate are we for attention,” Luann said back. She also added ,”I try not to take anyone’s side but I do tend to take Jill’s side because I love Jill and we’re really good friends and I think good friends protect each other.” She also said she didn’t mean to meddle but admitted “It looks that way.”

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Later Andy brought up Alex’s husband, Simon. “This year Simon was much more involved but is Alex involved?” asked Andy.

The feelings seemed mutual from the rest of the cast, as Luann said, “She needs to put a leash on Simon.”

“You guys are playing professional victims,”Alex responded.

The girls then spoke about Simon telling Jill to “Watch out.” When Jill asked what that meant, Alex simply said,
“Ask him.”

The girls also spoke about their “trip of a lifetime.”

“Morocco will never be the same,” said Andy. “Nor will we,” added Ramona.

During the trip, Luann seemed to be a real chaperone, which didn’t go unnoticed. She responded to RA comments, explaining that she worked hard planning the trip. “I really did work hard,” she said but added, “It’s not a hotel with room service.”

Sonja was criticized for her obsession with watching her luggage. She responded to criticism by explaining how she had valuables stolen in the past and said, “Of course I am always careful.”

And then there was Jill vs. Ramona in the battle of the alleged alcoholics.

“Jill, I really respect you. I think you’re a fabulous woman,” said Ramona. She went on, “I know at times you had problems. You went to AA. You had an alcoholic problem. Just because you did doesn’t mean I do.”

Jill denied the drinking problem as Ramona denied her alleged addiction to Pinot Grigio.

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