Randi Zuckerberg: Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Quits Facebook Job

Randi Zuckerberg
(Photo: AP)
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(Photo: AP)

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director and sister of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to resign.

AllThingsD received a copy of the resignation letter from Randi announcing her decision to leave the social media company after returning from a three month maternity leave.

“I have spent my years at Facebook pouring my heart and soul into innovating and pushing the media industry forward by introducing new concepts around live, social, participatory viewing that the media industry has since adopted,” said Randi. “We have made incredible progress, but there is still much to be done and other ways I can affect change.”

Facebook confirmed their employees departure saying, “We are grateful for her important service.”

Along with her resignation, Randi also announced plans to start her own social media website RotZ Media which she says will gear towards making businesses more social on the Internet.

“Now is the perfect time for me to move outside of Facebook to build a company focused on the exciting trends underway in the media industry,” said Randi.

Randi recently suggested during panel discussion on social media hosted by Marie Claire magazine that the Internet should steer away from anonymity in an effort to combat cyber bullying.

“People behave a lot better when they have their real names down. I think people hide behind anonymity and they feel they can say whatever they want behind closed doors,” said Randi.

Randi said Facebook is currently working towards making their website safer. “There is so much more we can do. We’re actively trying to work with partners like Common Sense Media and our safety advisory committee.”

Facebook anonymity became a large issue this week after a Facebook page claimed to be planning the assissination of Northern Ireland police officers. According to CNN, the page “Crown Forces Watch” had encouraged users to post pictures of police officers and talk about their details of their daily operations.

The administrator of the page, who has remained anonymous, said the groups intent was never to hurt anyone but was only created to report harassment. Members of page alledge to have all been harassed by officers in the Belfast area.

The Facebook page in question is currently under investigation.