Mexico Teens Auctioning Virginity for Justin Bieber Tickets?

Justin Bieber BabyWell, this is slightly terrifying–and takes Bieber fever to a whole other level.

Teens in Mexico are reportedly auctioning off their virginity for Justin Bieber tickets, according to a Mexican newspaper report, which describes a “black market” being utilized by obsessed Justin Bieber fans.

The article references a Facebook post that says “My virginity for a ticket to Justin Bieber.”

Now, we’re hoping this article has just been lost in translation or completely fabricated. But, unfortunately, it wouldn’t exactly surprise us either.

Bieber fever reached epic proportions on Long Island in 2009, when a promotional appearance made by Justin Bieber at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City ended in teenage riots.

A crowd made up of around 3,000 people began pushing each other trying to get close to the 15-year-old and police had to shut down the entire event.

James A. Roppo, Senior Vice President of Island Def Jam Records was arrested and charged with assault and 35 officers were sent to disperse the crowd, but many teens still refused to leave.