President Michele Bachmann: $2 Gas For All!


free gasJust in time for the weekend, some good news. Michele Bachmann says if she’s elected president she’s cutting gas prices to under $2!

Can she do that? Um, probably not but she says she can make it happen.

“The day that the president became president, gasoline was $1.79 a gallon. Look at what it is today,” Bachmann said in South Carolina. “Under President Bachmann, you will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. That will happen.”

So, no worries, while gas is running you a near $4 per gallon right now, when Michele Bachmann becomes president of the United States, gas will be cheap.

Now, Bachmann hasn’t said how she’s going to make this gas miracle happen and how she will influence the price of oil but she did say she wants to start drilling in Alaska.

It’s kind of like back in the day when Bobby Jackson was running for sixth grade president at our middle school and he said he’d extend lunch by an hour and get rid of homework altogether.

So, does Michele Bachmann have your vote now?