4 Long Island Students Record Essays on LI Radio

Kaylie Mancino
Kaylie Mancino
Kaylie Mancino

It is that time of year again.

That’s right: Kids will soon be heading back to school.

But this year, some lucky children will have their voices heard on Long Island radio, after being chosen to take part in the 11th annual essay reading contest sponsored by the Long island Presidents’ Council of New York State.

Megan O'Haire

The children recorded their essays in June under the supervision of Ray Adell Media Enterprises at the WBAB/WBLI Radio studios, and listeners will be able to hear their award-winning essays on several radio stations.

Four Grand Prize winners were selected under different age groups: Second grader Kylie Mancino, at Lynwood Elementary School in Sachem; fifth grader Megan O’Haire from Smithtown Elementary School; sixth grader Alexandra Reksten from South Ocean Middle School in Patchogue-Medford; and Hana Moskowitz, a junior at

Alexandra Reksten
Hana Moskowitz

Northport High School; all received a grand prize of $500.

Stations to air these student’s voices include WALK FM, WBAB FM, WBLI FM, WBZO FM, WCBS AM, WHFM FM, WHLI AM, WKJY FM, WLNG FM, WIGX FM, and WTHE AM. All this is a part of supporting the excellence of Long Island schools. The essays will also be translated into Spanish and air on the Spanish radio station WBON FM, La Fiesta Bonita.