Bridal Parties Get The Best Deal

The Associated Press / 2011 Universal Pictures
Associated Press / 2011 Universal Pictures

Brides aren’t the only one’s that have it good– Bridal parties get the best deal.

If you haven’t been part of a bridal party “pack” then you’re missing out. And if you haven’t seen the hit movie “Bridesmaids” or “The Hangover” then you’re missing out too. Sure both movies bring back to light the stress of being in the wedding party, but they also bring back the fond memories of the fun it was being included in one.

Although stressful, there are definite advantages of being part of the “wolf pack” even if it means loosing your teeth or getting a Mike Tyson inspired tattoo. After all, you can receive some pretty awesome wedding gifts, perhaps a puppy or five.

For the bride and groom, it’s hard picking out the chosen few that will walk down the aisle with them, donning what looks like a “Best Friends” uniform.  But if chosen, to be part of the “it” crowd is really something special.

“Wearing the bridal party dress was so fun. Me and the other bridesmaids were joking around all night about how we felt so cool because we were VIP,” said Stephanie McGowan of Woodbury.

Not only are you allowed to celebrate that your dearest friend found someone to spend forever with, but you too, have something to celebrate— You’re reminded that you still have time and what better way to celebrate than with the huge variety of beautiful people in the bridal party.

Liz Kobak of Old Westbury says the best part for her, was the designer dress.

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” It was my first time decked out in Vera Wang, but not my last – I got to keep the dress even after my brother and sister-in-law exchanged vows! Now I wear it to non-wedding parties!” said Kobak.

Besides beautiful dresses and beautiful bachelors and bachelorettes, Joseph Odumewu of Lindenhurst says his favorite aspect was the free stuff.

“The best part was the free stuff, from being in the limo and getting an amazing hotel and a nice free suite to personalized cuff links,” said Odumewu.