“All Night Long” Released (Audio)

Demi Lovato /Chris Pizzello/ Associated Press
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Demi Lovato /Chris Pizzello/ Associated Press

Demi Lovato just released her latest single called “Up All Night.” The single comes as a collaboration with Missy Elliot and Timbaland for her upcoming album “Unbroken.”

“I love the way you’re talking/ I’m loving what you’re doing boy/ I don’t fall easy often/ I never had a love like you before,” sings Lovato in the new dance song. “Don’t make plans/ Come home with me/ We’ll stay up all night long.”

According to Ace Show Biz, along with the full audio stream of “All Night Long” being released, there’s also a preview of her upcoming album “Unbroken.” The album will be available September 20.

“We can party all night/ Want to spend the night/ Will you be my type/ By the end of the night we can pillow fight,” sings Missy Elliot,”Your kisses real nice/ Come closer cause I don’t bite.”

The single follows Lovato’s release of “Skyscraper.”  Almost a year ago, Lovato started recording a single “Skyscraper” while in rehab. The song became “symbolic” to her and according to E!, the first version was a message for her.

With the emotional song’s release, she took to Twitter to share her excitement, “I am so proud and excited to share this with you! My video for #Skyscraper!!” Lovato spoke about the new song to radio host, Ryan Seacrest. She told him that the song “is about rising above those issues. That it’s going to be OK. No matter how hard your rock bottom is, you can rise above it and you can come back.”