Harlem Scaffold Crushes City Bus

FDNY via Huffington Post
FDNY via Huffington Post

A Harlem building scaffolding collapsed onto a city bus Tuesday.

The building scaffold collapsed onto a city bus at West 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem at around 9:25 a.m.

According to a NY1 report, the bus was parked at a stop picking up passengers next to the building when the bricks and scaffolding started to fall.

It left 17 injured, two of which were police officers. The injured were rushed to a local hospital and reportedly none are in critical condition.

According to reports, officials said the injuries were minor and also said that no one was missing.

According to the New York Times, Sasha Chavkin, a reporter for Columbia Journalism School, The New York World, was on the bus.

“We pulled into the stop and I heard a falling sound of something collapsing toward the back, and the back of the bus filled up with smoke,” Chavkin said, reported N.Y. Times. “People were running from the back and screaming. After about a minute the bus driver let everyone off the bus. I talked to a kid in the back who said he thought he was going to die. He said rubble had fallen through the windows of the bus.”

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