New Heinz Ketchup Packet


DipSqueezeForget ripping open a ketchup packet with your teeth and it going all over your car, pants or table! Heinz has revealed a new, and cleaner ketchup packet.

It’s called the “Dip and Squeeze” and it gives users two options.

“The innovative packet gives consumers two ways to enjoy Heinz Ketchup; peel back the label for easy dipping or tear off the top to squeeze it onto favorite foods,” read a Heinz press release.

The new packet first debuted in March and since, Heinz has shipped out over 220 million new packages to restaurants across the country. After customer feedback proved that the packet was a success, Heinz decided to release the new condiment package for public use.

“Consumer demand for this product has been tremendous, as there is a universal need for convenient, portable packaging,” said Noel Geoffroy, Vice President – Heinz Brands in a press release. “We are thrilled to help consumers make it easier and more fun to dip or squeeze Heinz Ketchup no matter where they are.”

This marks the first time a Heinz Ketchup innovation developed for restaurants made it to store shelves.

Each new package provides three times as much ketchup as the 42-year-old traditional Heinz Ketchup packet and according to the Huffington Post, this may be the new packet’s downfall, “consumers are still in the habit of taking multiple packets, there could be cost consequences.”

According to Heinz, the product is now available in packs of 10 at retailers nationawide with the suggested retail price is $1.99.