How Rare Are You?

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It’s been another long day at work; filled with meetings and endless client calls, sounds to me like you need a cocktail. Grab some of your co-workers and head straight for you favorite watering hole to remind you that there is life outside of your cubicle.

When you are ready to go out from work that doesn’t meet your clothes are.  There are a few quick tricks you can do to make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd.

Ladies, cardigans should be your new best friend.  It is the perfect cover-up at work for that lace and silk cami that never sees the light of day.  Everyone has their favorite “night-out” shirts and mixing these sexy-feminine pieces with a pair of business pants is a look you might want to try even on a Saturday night!  Take off the cardigan, show off that shirt, accessorize with a long necklace, let your hair down and you are good to go.

A great tool is having a leopard print cardigan but any animal print will do.  There is something about animal print that means you are ready for a good time.  After work remove everything but the cardigan on top and let one button undone, sweep your hair to one side, add a little black eyeliner and your look just got wild.

Men have it easy, as soon as they remove their jacket, take off the tie and un-do a button or two they are immediately less dressed. However, keeping a casual shirt like a polo or graphic tee in your car for a quick-change will make you look like superman.  If you are going to a very casual location then switch into the polo but if you are going out to a lounge putting on that graphic tee with your blazer will make it seem like you planned for this night all week.

Rare650 in Syosset is full of employees and employers come late afternoon looking stylish and ready for a night out on the town but how do you transform your look from 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.? Bartender Kristen Katzel dishes!

“Look around the bar right now and you will find some of our regular clients that come straight here from the local businesses,” said Kristen. “Everyone is still in their business clothing, it doesn’t seem like anyone goes home for a quick-change.”

However, Katzel says there are definitely some alterations made for a more casual look.

“For the Ladies I would say accessorize more!  You can dress up your outfit for a night-out look by just adding a great pair of earrings or funky necklace.  If you have been working in heels all day then relax a little and bring a pair of cute flats to change into.  The Guys just need to take off their Jackets and remove the ties, that immediately will make them look more casual,” she said.