Introducing The Wedding Registry App

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Picture 42Planning a wedding just became easier with the introduction of a new app.

The new Wedding Registry app for iPhones, iPad2s or the iPod Touch makes wedding registry, a once overwhelming task, an easy one. And the iList App, Wedding Registry can be downloaded free at iListApp.com or itunes.apple.com.

“No other app offers a fully-contained wedding registry in the palm of your hand,” says James A. McNeilly, CEO of HHI Classic Distributors which developed Wedding Registry, Baby Registry , and MyList in a press release.

Here’s how it works:

The bride- and groom-to-be can then visit any store and scan the barcode of any item. The information is collected and categorized in their personal registry, both within the Wedding Registry App and on the companion website leaving a single registry no matter how many different stores they visit to register. Once the registry process is completed, the couple notifies guest list of family and friends.

Wedding Registry also makes it very easy for friends and family to comparison shop by comparing prices of items in the list and identifying the store with the lowest price. The registry created by Wedding Registry can easily be accessed by friends, family and work colleagues who have an iPhone or iPad or by using a laptop, PC or tablet and connecting to the website which synchronizes with the couple’s registry App. Once someone purchases a gift, they simply check that item on Wedding Registry.