National Bridesmaids Day


bridesmaids movie reviewThe origin of a bridesmaid came centuries ago when friends of the bride would dress the same as the bride in order to confuse evil spirits who were ready to snatch the bride away. Since then, they have maintained the supporting role and now, have their very own national day.

This past week Bridesmaids was released on DVD and in honor of its release, [yellow tail] and Universal Studios and NBC declared a National Bridesmaids Day, September 20.

“When you think about it, bridesmaids are the backbone of social harmony,” said Julie Bonne, Associate Brand Manager, [yellow tail] wines in a statement. “Behind every happy marriage is at least one bridesmaid, who may have endured questionable fashion statements, a hysterical bride and bachelorette planning chaos – all for the love of a dear friend and the institution of marriage.”

This year, the first-ever National Bridesmaids Day was celebrated in NYC and supported a great cause. Through the event, guests were asked to bring old bridesmaid dresses which will be donated to The Glass Slipper Project, which distributes formal wear to girls in need during Prom season.

Additionally, bridesmaids can “Like” [yellow tail] on Facebook and be entered to win an all-expense-paid trip for two to Hollywood, California, where they can enjoy a “star-for-a-day” experience. By forwarding the link to a friend, she can also be entered for a second chance to win.

“Whether it’s an engagement party, bridesmaid’s luncheon, bridal shower or bachelorette party, there’s a [yellow tail] wine for each wedding occasion,” said Bonne. “The combination of one of the best-selling wine brands in the U.S. and the most successful women’s comedies is a match made in heaven!”