Johnny Appleseed: Johnny Appleseed Day

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 1871
Harper's New Monthly Magazine 1871

Johnny Appleseed was born September 26 in 1774 and today we remember the American pioneer and conservation leader known for his work in the 19th century.

Johnny Appleseed was born John Chapman and is best known for reportedly introducing apple trees to parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

He is reportedly said to have started picking seeds in the late 1790s, planting nurseries and building fences around them. He would then leave them in the care of a neighbor and would return frequently to tend to them.

Johnny is remembered in many ways, through songs, sayings and even movies. One of the most successful films featuring Appleseed was Disney’s Melody Time. The 1948 movie featured a 19-minute segment called “The Legend of Johnny Appleseed.”

One of the most interesting parts of the clip, especially for a cartoon, is that it reportedly shows him at the moment of his death followed by his resurrection. While in heaven, the legend shares his commitment to “sow the clouds” with apple trees.

Most recently, Appleseed is referred to by Apple Inc. Apple Inc. uses “John Appleseed” instead of John smith in presentations, videos and other examples like caller ID, as the sender in “Mail” and in the icon of “Text Edit.” It was also reportedly the alias of Mike Markkula who published several programs for the Apple II.