Sly Stone Homeless And Living In A Van

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Associated Press

Sly Stone, legendary funk singer, was known to drive a fleet of luxury cars, and live in a massive California mansion. But that was in his heyday, now he’s homeless and living out of a van.

According to the New York Post, Stone now resides inside of a a white camper van parked on a residential street in Crenshaw in Los Angeles. Stone is reportedly fed by a retired couple who also allows Stone to shower at their house while the couple’s son serves as his assistant and driver.

It’s a far cry from where Stone once was, taking up shack in a massive Bel-Air mansion and frequently hosting parties with a-listers.

Stone is most famous for his success during the 60’s and 70’s when he assembled a funk rock band based in San Francisco called Sly & The Family Stone. They would go on to release hits like “Dance to the Music,””Everyday People,””Family Affair” along with “Thank You” and “Stand.”

The singer was going downhill after that and it was evident in 1980, according to FOX,  Stone reportedly appeared on an episode of “The Mike Douglas Show” and promised that if his next album wasn’t platinum he would go “bye-bye.” The claims would hold true and he would make poor choice that would further his failure in the 80s when he sold his music-publishing rights to Michael Jackson in the 80’s.

The singer has since suffered severe financial setbacks involving lawsuits and at one time he even reportedly resorted to signing a contract with his manager n exchange for a weekly paycheck.