President Obama’s Rosh Hashanah Message (Video)

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Screenshot from President Obama’s Rosh Hashana message
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Screenshot from President Obama's Rosh Hashanah message

President Obama released a video with a Rosh Hashanah message Tuesday. Through it, he affirms his commitment to Israel.

“Here in the United States we responded to the challenges by focusing on the things that really matter,” says Obama in the video. “Friendship, family and community.”

He went on,”But this last year was one of hardship for people around the world. Too many of our friends and neighbors continue to struggle in the wake of a terrible economic recession.”

Obama goes on to mention Israel. He says, “And beyond our borders including the state of Israel, face the uncertainties of an unpredictable age. That’s why my administration is doing anything we can to promote prosperity here and security and peace around the world and that includes reaffirming our commitment to the state of Israel.”

According to CBS, the message follows The American Jewish Committee’s annual survey of American Jewish adults that revealed that support for Obama had dropped due in part to the way he handling relations with Israel.

The survey revealed that 53 percent disapproved of the Obama Administration’s handling of U.S. -Israel relations.