Sara Evans Gets Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband


391b17ef91006b07e90e6a706700c126Sara Evan has slapped ex-husband Craig Schelske with a restraining order after he talked about her and their children on “Anderson.”

It all started when Sara Evans reportedly made claims that Craig was a porn-obsessed adulterer. Craig then appeared on “Anderson” on September 20 claiming he lost custody because of Sara’s accusations.

Evans immediately filed a restraining order that blocks him from publicly discussing their divorce and custody battle.

According to TMZ, Sara claimed it not only violated a temporary injunction she obtained against Craig back in 2010 but also “caused and will continue to cause irreparable harm to the children.

Reportedly, Craig isn’t taking this lying down and said it’s a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Schelske and Evans married on September 25, 1993 and divorced in September 2007. They have three children, Avery Jack, Olivia Margaret, and Audrey Elizabeth.

Evans’ husband accused her of having close to a dozen affairs while Evans also accused her husband of having affairs including with the family’s ex-nanny.

Evans has since remarried.

It’s been a turbulent year for Schelske who settled a slander lawsuit earlier in March. Craig Schelske, announced his acceptance of a settlement offer with Tennessee divorce attorney, John Hollins, Sr. and Hollins, Wagster, Yarbrough, Weatherly & Raybin, P.C., regarding a slander lawsuit, which was the result of Hollins telling People Magazine that he had photos depicting Schelske in sexual situations during Schelske’s divorce proceedings with ex-wife Sara Evans.

Hollins told People Magazine, “Let me tell you what, everything we allege, we’ve got photographs to back up the allegations of the complaint.” Schelske claimed that Hollins’ statement was false.