The Container Store Launches The Gift Registry

Picture 4

Picture 41The Container Store has just introduced The Gift Registry.

The Container Store will allow customers to easily create a registry online or in-store for any celebration that calls for a little (or a lot!) of organization, including A Wedding, a selection of 10,000 innovative storage and organization solutions coupled with The Container Store’s expert organization advice will help couples make the transition into their happily-ever-organized home; A New Baby, the arrival of a baby brings a lot of new (and necessary) “stuff” into a home. But where to put it?  The Container Store has thousands of solutions to help maximize space and help new parents stay organized – even beyond the baby years; Off to College, The Container Store has been helping college students (and their parents) make the most of the small spaces in dorm rooms for more than 33 years.  Giving college-bound students the gift of organization will surely set them up for great success; and Housewarming, Anniversary, Birthday and More, no matter the occasion, The Container Store’s multi-functional solutions are always the perfect gift.

The Gift Registry’s most unique feature is Group Gifting for Your Dream elfa Space. elfa is a premiere modular shelving and drawer system that is exclusive to The Container Store and has been the company’s best-selling product since its debut in 1978. Guests can contribute a monetary gift that will be applied to the cost of the organized solution in the form of a special “Contribution to Your elfa DREAM Space” gift card.

Consistent with the retailer’s focus on customer service, The Gift Registry will also feature elements like email updates on items with limited inventory and a real-time look at gifts purchased for the registrant including  State-of-the-Art, In-Store Kiosks and Scanning Devices for Creating a Registry, Gift Packaging for Online Purchases, “Our Recommendations,” 24-Hour Access to The Gift Registry, Email Updates, Items with Limited Availability, Shipping, Returns & Exchanges, Special Gift for Creating a Registry, 10% off to Complete a Gift Registry After the Event, and Gift Receipts.