Top 10 Tuesday: Long Island Musicians

Debbie Gibson (Associated Press)
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Debbie Gibson (Associated Press)

Another week and another Top 10 list for Long Islanders to talk about.

This week we at the Long Island Press bring you the Top 10 list of musicians from Long Island. For us, there were so many to choose from, making it nearly impossible to narrow it down to 10.

Long Island is a hotbed for budding musicians and over the years we have been proud to see our own make it big. One of the most famous, Billy Joel, even sang about Long Island town, Cold Spring Harbor!

After many sleepless nights we were able to pick our Top 10. Maybe you will be surprised about who you see on this list, or maybe you won’t. Of course, we don’t want to give anything away but here’s a little teaser: The list contains an 80s sensation, a pop princess and a rapper that had his own reality show.

If you think we missed something feel free to let us know.

-With Jose-Thierry Joseph

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