Corn Maze: Family Stuck In Corn Maze

The Maize
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Connors Farm (The Maize)

Talk about the ultimate corn maze, a Massachusetts couple got so lost in a corn maze, they had to call the cops to get them out.

Monday, a Massachusetts couple entered a massive nearly 10 acre maze at Connors Farm, located near Boston, just before it closed. They brought along their 3-week-old child.

As darkness fell and the farm closed, the couple had a hard time finding their way out. They promptly called 911.

“I’m stuck at Connors Farm. I’m really scared. It’s really dark and we’ve got a 3-week-old,” she told a 911 dispatcher. ”I don’t know what made us do this.”

She went on to say that no only were they lost but were being attacked by bugs, “Oh, my goodness. The mosquitoes are eating us alive, and I never took my daughter out, this is the first time. Never again. This is embarrassing.”

“I can see lights over there, but we can’t get there. We’re smack in the middle of the corn field,” her husband was heard saying.

Reportedly, when officials arrived, they yelled to the family, who answered immediately and were found around 25-feet inside.

According to The Boston Channel, The owner of the farm said no one has ever gotten lost in the maze before, and offered the family free tickets.

The maze was designed by The Maize, a Utah-based company and according to the L.A. Times, Connors Farm Owner, Bob Connor noted that this year’s maze, which has a headless horseman/Salem, Mass., theme was more difficult than last year’s Clint Eastwood-themed maze.


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