Facebook Timeline: Available Now

Picture 14
Screenshot from Facebook.com
Picture 14
Screenshot from Facebook.com

Facebook has been taking its sweet time rolling out Facebook Timeline. For the past few months, the redesign has been limited to a select few but today, finally, it’s available to everyone.

The redesign was first introduced during a Facebook conference back in September.

“It’s much nicer than anything we have today,” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said.“It’s the heart of your Facebook experience.”

Facebook Timeline looks to help people better tell the story of their life with their Facebook page.

Timeline will change how the user’s Facebook profile page looks adding a large cover photo to the top—Facebook hopes the cover photo will help to better express who the user is.

That’s only one of the cosmetic changes, the wall will expand to take over both the left and right sides of the user’s profile page.

Timeline also eliminates the need to click the “More” button at the bottom of a user’s wall to see a more detailed history, instead, Timeline starts with recent updates and summarizing the rest of your life. At the same time Timeline allows users to backtrack with the scroll of a mouse.

Users can also update their Timeline. As we previously reported, if you want to add a teenage picture of yourself, just drop down to the year you want and click “add photo.”

According to Mashable.com, Facebook is implementing a seven day grace period, meaning users can review anything that appears on the timeline and decide whether they want anyone to see it—once a user upgrades, his or her new profile will “go live” after seven days.

Check it out.