North Shore Animal League Rescues 55 Dogs For The Holidays


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This past week the North Shore Animal League rescued over 50 dogs just in time for the holidays.

The breeds include chihuahuas, yorkies, pomeranians and labs, all safely arrived at the North Shore Animal League headquarters in Port Washington on Sunday, and they’re ready to settle down with a happy family.

“They’re all looking for homes,” said James Gleason of North Shore Animal League.

All of the dogs were rescued from large scale breeding facilities in the midwest where they weren’t treated humanely, rescuers said.

“They were lucky to get fed everyday,” said Gleason. “They lived in horribly cramped conditions with very little human contact there whole lives.”

He added: “If you’ve bought a puppy from a pet store it’s likely we’ve rescued there parents.”

Gleason noted that the dogs are in good spirits, adding that they all underwent standard medical evaluations before they were ready to go up for adoption late Wednesday and Thursday.


“They will all be vaccinated, spayed and neutered,” Gleason explained.

Dog lovers who are interested in catching a glimpse of the new dogs up for adoption can check them out on the NSAL Ustream later this week.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the animals can be seen getting groomed or bathed. Lucky viewers may also notice some of puppies and kittens playing on the live webcam.

The dogs will go up for adoption when the organization hosts a slew of specials for the event titled: “The 12 Days of Rescue,” referencing the famous Christmas song. On Thursday and Friday NSAL will be offering free cat adoptions on all cats two years old and older.

Another special event will take place Saturday, when Santa visits NSAL and all attendees will be treated to coffee and treats from 9 to 11 a.m. when adoptions are free for all animals.