Insane Football Catch Caught On Video (Video): Zaviar Gooden Makes Great Catch (Video)

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Now this is one play you have to see to believe. One football player made quite the catch this past weekend.

It was during a Missouri/North Carolina game, when Zaviar Gooden made an impressive interception. It later made it’s way to the Internet garnering hundreds of views since it was posted on YouTube yesterday.

The interception went into motion as North Carolina Tar Heels wide receiver Dwight Jones attempted to catch the pigskin.

Jones quickly lost control of the ball, which is questionable if he ever had it in the first place. It hit his hands and bounced into the air. He tried to catch it again but failed to get a good grip on it as defenders knocked into him left and right. Jones’ final attempt to catch the football failed one last time and the ball ended up rolling over his back.

As if a Harlem Globetrotters football act, another player of the opposing team, Tiger’s player Zaviar Gooden managed to get in on the action. Gooden wrapped his gloves around the ball and held onto it. Gooden made his way to the ground, and eventually the play was disputed with officials questioning if he had indeed caught the ball before he hit the ground with it.

In the end, like Gooden, Missouri seemed to be in the right place at the right time, they ultimately took home a 41-24 Independence Bowl victory over North Carolina.

Check out the video.