National Whipped Cream Day: Today


Whipped cream lovers rejoice, for today is National Whipped Cream Day.

Whether your whipped cream is topping a scoop of vanilla ice cream, pie, cupcake, hot chocolate or just poured straight into your mouth from the can, whipped cream is a real treat, topping or not. And today, January 5, marks the dad dedicated to it.

Many wonder where this idea of a delicious light and fluffy whipped cream came from. And sadly, the history of Whipped Cream remains unclear. What we do know is that it’s been around for a long, long time.

The first reference to it was when the French chef, Vatel created a variation with sugar to serve at a reception to honor King Louis the XIV in 1661, reported ExineArticles.com.

The connection with the date, January 5 and the celebration of the treat refers back to January 5, 1914 when Aaron “Bunny” Lapin was born in St. Louis Missouri.

Bunny ultimately developed the aerosol spray cream which was then and still known today as “Reddi-Wip.” Back then, spray creams had already been available for a few years but the canister always had to be taken back to factory to get refilled. Bunny invented the convenient single-use can and we celebrate his birthday in honor of his accommodating contribution to dessert lovers.

In celebration of this glorious holiday, the French chef and Bunny, pick up a can and top the whipped treat on your sundae, pumpkin pie or just open your mouth and spray away.