Joe Paterno: False Death Reports

Joe Paterno (AP)
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Joe Paterno (AP)

Former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno passed away this Sunday.

Paterno died at 85 years old. He died following complications from lung cancer, which he was diagnosed with in November.

His death date follows conflicting reports this weekend when news outlets reported he had died Saturday including CBS, causing quite an uproar.

The reports of his death were shot down by Paterno’s son Jay, who tweeted, “I appreciate the support & prayers. Joe is continuing to fight,” and son, Scott who tweeted, “CBS report is wrong – Dad is alive but in serious condition. We continue to ask for your prayers and privacy during this time.”

According to Reuters, CBS Sports apologized for the false report, saying it had fallen “well short” of its own journalistic standards.

Onward State reported that Paterno had passed away and the managing editor later issued a retraction and resigned.

“To begin that process, I will be stepping down from my post as Managing Editor, effective immediately. I take full responsibility for the events that transpired tonight, and for the black mark upon the organization that I have caused,” Devon Edwards said. “I ask not for your forgiveness, but for your understanding. I am so very, very, sorry, and we at Onward State continue to pray for Coach Paterno.”

Paterno remained in “Serious condition” Saturday as the storm of death rumors hit the public.

“Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications,” family spokesman Dan McGinn said in a statement to the Associated Press. “His doctors have now characterized his status as serious.”

The family confirmed his death Sunday saying, “His loss leaves a void in our lives that will never be filled” and that “He fought hard until the end, stayed positive, thought only of others and constantly reminded everyone of how blessed his life had been,” the family statement said Sunday.”