Top 10 Tuesday Catchy Wing Names


Oftentimes restaurants advertise their food in exuberant ways, using extraordinary methods or purposes to get their food out there, the most prominent of this being food names. You’ve never sipped on a strawberry smoothie named just that, have you? No, you’ve sipped out of something called “Strawberry Fields” or “Red Berry Island!” And talk about coffee flavors. We’ve seen everything from Pumpkin to Christmas Tree.

The fun names make food more appealing, and adds individuality within the restaurant, making it memorable and worth coming back to. But more than smoothies and coffee flavors, BBQ restaurants give their wing sauces the most creative names of them all.

Maybe it’s because Long Islanders are such huge fans of BBQ wings, or maybe it’s the finger-licking taste that inspires restauranteurs to get saucy when it comes to naming their sauces. The variety of flavors and names, ranging from puns to playful labels.

Here are our favorites!

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With reporting by Brian Stieglitz.

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