Papa John’s Coin Toss Scores Free Pizza

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UPDATE: Papa John’s Has Delay, But You Will Get Your Code

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Update: Coin toss lands on heads, scoring free pizza for Papa John’s Rewards Club members.

“Occurring between the singing of the National Anthem and kickoff, the Super Bowl coin toss puts viewers on the edge of their seats,” said Papa John’s in a press release. “and players and coaches simply on edge.”

The coin toss at the big game would put Papa John’s Rewards Club members on edge as well. If heads, members would score a free pizza and Pepsi.

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Papa John’s, the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL had previously unveiled its Super Bowl XLVI Coin Toss Experience, which includes a free large one-topping pizza and 2-liter Pepsi MAX for the fans enrolled in Papa John’s Papa Rewards program if America correctly “calls” the Super Bowl coin toss.

The challenge started with fans signing up for Papa John’s Rewards Club and voting on what they thought the coin would land on. America made its “heads” or “tails” call at papajohns.com.

On Feb. 1 all of the votes were in an by the following day, Papa John’s founder, Papa John Shatner, had announced the results: 60 percent for heads and 40 percent tails. Heads it is.

If America makes the correct call, everyone enrolled in Papa Rewards as of 6 p.m. ET Super Bowl Sunday will receive an email the following day with instructions on how to claim their free pizza and Pepsi MAX prize.