Gisele Bundchen; Tom Brady’s Wife Bashes Patriots (Video)

Picture 28

Picture 28Hecklers got the best of one Patriots player’s model wife following their devastating Super Bowl loss this weekend.

The New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants 21-17 in the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was a close game and Giants fans were riding high on the win as Patriots fans were doing exactly the opposite.

But it was not the Patriots players, but Gisele Bundchen who is making headlines this week after she responded to hecklers by bashing her hubby’s teammates. And as if what came out of her mouth wasn’t bad enough, it was taped for all the world to see and has been spreading like wildfire through the Internet waves.

Gisele bashed her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s teammates on her way out of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis when Giants fans started taunting her regarding the Patriots loss.

Gisele walked to the elevators and let this not-so-sweet line out: “My husband can not f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

The one-liner she let slip out of her lips, cost her a ton of controversy. Her name has been splashed across headlines since Sunday and the supporting video evidence has been passed around the Internet too.

Gisele nor Tom Brady or any of his teammates have commented on the comments she made thus far.

Check it out for yourself.