Surfing Dolphins On St. Pete Beach (Video)

Picture 2

Picture 2A St. Pete Beach, Fl. resident got quite the treat when he began surfing recently. The surfer was joined by a marine mammal.

In a modern Flipper-like story, 15-year-old named Mitchell Overton was wake surfing off of Pinellas Beaches when a school of dolphins joined him.

It’s nothing new for Overton. According to ABC, Mitchell’s Dad, Steve Overton says that they first started noticing the dolphins a few months ago. Talk about saving money, there’s no need to visit Atlantis to swim with dolphins.

Overton, while at first spooked by the animals, ABC reported that now the animals surf alongside his son for 30 minutes or longer.

A video of the amazing event was taken January 1 and later posted to St Pete Clearwater convention and Visitors Bureau and naturally, later made its way to YouTube. The YouTube video has been racking up the hits since it was posted January 30. By February 7, its since garnered over 100,000 hits.

“Move over, Kelly Slater! There’s a pair of new surfing sensations in St. Pete/Clearwater. This video, taken recently off the coast of St. Pete Beach, was sent to us we just had to share,” reads the YouTube caption. “Keep your eyes peeled for our stars on the right side of the wave.”

Though the kind of dolphin these are is currently unknown at this time, dolphins are known to be highly intelligent and charismatic creatures and according to National Geographic, bottlenose dolphins can be found in tropical oceans and other warm waters around the globe. National Geographic also noted that the clever animals are sometimes spotted following fishing boats in the hopes of dining on leftovers.

Check it out.