Joseph P. Kennedy III Declares ‘I’m Running’: Kennedy Runs For Congress

Joseph Kennedy III
(Credit: TheDailyBeast.com)
Joseph Kennedy III
(Credit: TheDailyBeast.com)

Joseph P. Kennedy has formally declared that he will be running for Congress Thursday morning, according to reports.

In his 2 minute, 50 second video “I’m Running” he tells voters of the 4th Congressional about his priorities: rebuilding infrastructure, a “21st century energy economy” and easing the tax burden on the middle class, as reported by BostonHerald.com.

“You can always count on me to fight for small businesses, seniors, veterans and for you, to make sure you get the constituent service you’ve come to expect,” Joseph Kennedy III said.

“My family has had the great privilege of serving Massachusetts before,” Joseph Kennedy III said. “They taught me that public service is an honor, given in trust, and that trust must be earned each and every day. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Kennedy listed his qualifications as being a Middlesex assistant district attorney and working in a legal aid clinic that helped tenants “who were mistreated by landlords and banks.” He additionally added that he and his fiance, Lauren, founded an after-school program.

However, some people within Kennedy’s district think that the mystique of his name will wear off and ultimately his name alone will not be enough to help him prevail with voters.

“I think the Kennedys have been incredible public servants,” Childs, who is a Brookline psychiatrist, said by phone to BostonHerald.com this morning. “But that does not mean just because of that, that the voters will say, ‘You’re ready to go.’ Joe’s a young guy, he’s 31, he doesn’t have a lot of experience. I may not be a newly minted Harvard law school grad, but I have a lot of experience.”

Kennedy has plans to tour Boston, from Newton to Westport.