Top 10 Tuesday: Downtowns on Long Island


Downtowns around the country usually offer something warm and cozy, and Long Island is no different. The restaurants are charming, the shops are homey and the setting is picturesque.

And we on Long Island have dozens of downtown areas that Long Islanders love to visit day-after-day.

So in honor of these special places that take us away from our busy lives, we here at Top 10 Tuesday decided to offer our readers some of the best downtowns the Island has to offer. And honestly, we had this great piece about things to do in the snow, but it looks like we’ll have to pocket that one for next year, though we think this list will do just fine.

Of course, some of you might disagree with the list, and there’s a good chance we missed a couple. But we think we got most of them right.

When you think about it, most of us visit these places all the time. Whether it’s for the restaurants, our favorite watering holes or places to shop, these downtowns hold a special place in our hearts.

The 10 we listed are pretty popular and most of you have probably been to some of them once or twice. But if you haven’t, we hope this list inspires you to check them out.

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