Avalanche: Destroys Ski Lift With 70 People Onboard (Video)

Picture 17

Picture 17

Natural disasters can be scary to see, especially if you’re involved, as skiers got to experience in recent days.  Around 70 skiers dangled from a ski-lift during a massive avalanche this past week.

An avalanche hit a French ski resort Friday March 2, tearing down pylons while people were riding the lift up the mountain.

The “8-meter” avalanche hit the St. Francois-Longchamps mountain in France with 70 people onboard the lift.

Fortunately, according to Gadling, none of the 70 passengers were harmed and helicopters were brought in to evacuate them which took some 2 hours to complete.

The lift operator reportedly let the lift run to make sure the passengers were off the run-out zone, according to AP and the lift attendant stopped the lift when the pylons began to buckle.

According to Planetski.com, the recent warm weather had made the snow wet and heavy with the avalanche risk a 3 on a scale of 5. Planet Ski also reported that the black run under the lift had been closed for several days because of the avalanche risk but had been deemed safe to run the lift.

The avalanche was captured on camera and a video of the event went viral shortly after. Viewers can watch as the snow slowly pushed down the mountain taking the ski-lift’s pylons with it as passengers dangled from the chairs.

Check it out.

Check it out.

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