Ayanna’s Toenail Addiction On ‘My Strange Addiction’ (Video)

(Credit: TLC)
(Credit: TLC)

TLC has a new series called “My Strange Addiction.” Some of the people who appear on the show have pica, eating foreign objects, claiming to be in an intimate relationship with a car and the most recent episode is about a woman name Ayanna who is addicted to her long toenails.

Ayanna is a 54-year-old woman. Having long toenails, though it is odd, does not seem like it would be a harmful addiction, however, since Ayanna is diabetic, her long toenails prevent her from getting the exercise she needs to take care of her diabetes. Additionally, she also have a severe toenail fungus.

One of Ayanna’s friends decided to take her to a dancing class to show her that her love of extended toenails is actually debilitating her.

While the friends are at the dancing class, Ayanna is afraid of having her toenails get stepped on the entire time, which prevents her from truly enjoying the experience. After Ayanna refuses to let her friend get close enough to her where they could truly begin to dance, the instructor cuts in and just teaches her friend.

“It’s a huge concern of mine that someone will step on my feet,” she admits. “I have had some bad experiences.”

After the dancing class Ayanna’s friend tries to persuade her into trimming her toenails so it would be easier for her to be more active, but she instantly shuts down the notion of cutting off her prized possessions.

Ayanna considers her nails, which Jezebel reports measure more than 15 feet, her limbs.  The reason she has for keeping her long toe nails is because she says it makes her feel sexy.

“They are 50 percent of who I am,” she said. “I will absolutely not cut them.”