Carrie Underwood Video: “Good Girl” Video Released (Video)

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Country queen, Carrie Underwood has done it again. She’s released another sure-hit video.

But Carrie strays from her usual style and unlike others like “Before He Cheats” and “Lessons Learned,” Underwood forgets the storyline instead offering up a warning.

In the video, she’s seen strutting her stuff wearing different couture creations urging the good girl, whether it be herself or another, to stop with the bad boy.

“Hey, good girl, with your head in the clouds, I bet you I can tell you, What you’re thinking about,” sings Carrie in the new video. “You’ll see a good boy, gonna give you the world but he’s gonna leave you crying with your heart in the dirt.”

“Good Girl” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Country Songs chart. The song comes as the lead track off of Underwood’s fourth album, Blown Away. 

The new album is set to be released May 1. According to CarrieUnderwoodOfficial.comBlown Away was produced by Mark Bright and fans can pre-order it now at Carrie’s official music store.

“But he’s really good at lying girl, yeah, he’ll leave you in the dust because when he says forever well, it don’t mean much,” she sings in “Good Girl.” “Hey good girl, so good for him, better back away honey you don’t know where he’s been.”

Check out Underwood’s new video. What do you think?