Tim Tebow Trade to Jets Hits Snag, Report Says

Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow
Sanchez, left and Tebow are fighting for field time and being dubbed “the fairest of them all” (AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez, File)
Sanchez, left and Tebow are fighting for field time and being dubbed "the fairest of them all" (AP Photo/Barry Gutierrez, File)

Hold off on the Tebowing Jets fans, Tim Tebow is not a Jet—yet.

The Jets acquisition of the outgoing Denver Broncos quarterback has hit a snag, according to reports. And the trade might be in jeopardy of falling apart.

Here’s what’s happening.

Apparently the Jets—who used their Twitter account to announce the trade for Tebow—may have jumped the gun in announcing the news before reading through the polarizing quarterback’s entire contract.

According to multiple reports, any team that trades for Tebow is required to fork over $5 million to the Broncos. It’s unclear if the Jets are going to send the cash Denver’s way.

Hmm. Somebody forgot their reading glasses?

Here’s the report from ESPN:

In Tebow’s contract is a $6.2 million salary advance, of which $1.2 million already has been paid by Denver, sources told Schefter. The difference of $5 million is still advanced against his future salary, and that burden would shift to the Jets in a trade. The Jets, sources said, believe the Broncos should owe Tebow that money.

The report also said that if the trade does fall apart, then St. Louis might take a chance on Tebow.

Around 1 p.m. Gang Green took to their Twitter account to tell their 330,000-plus followers:


The initial reports said the Jets traded away a fourth and sixth-round draft pick for Tebow and a seventh-round pick.

The news comes several weeks after the Jets gave Mark Sanchez a contract extension, which to some was seen as a move to boost the young QB’s confidence after a shaky 2011 season and after the front office’s brief flirtation with Payton Manning, who replaced Tebow in Denver.

One member of the Jets organization might not be too distraught over the reports that the trade isn’t 100 percent finalized.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie said through Twitter on Tuesday that “We don’t need Tebow.”

“We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight,” he tweeted.

Well, it might come down to that. We Just have to wait and see.