‘Decorah Eagle Cam’ Eagles Eat Squirrel (Video)

Picture 241Over six million people have tuned in to watch the “Decorah Eagle Cam.” Millions watched two of the three chicks pip through their eggs and make their way into the world. Now their momma was able to bring them back a feast and we all got to watch them chow down.

The eaglets, which live in a giant nest located 80-feet atop a tree at a fish hatchery in Decorah, Iowa according to Extraordinaryintelligence.com, are facing the hardest part of their life right now. Although they have their mother to protect them from predators, they have a great chance of dying from starvation.

But these baby chicks have nothing to worry about, their eagle parent brought them a feast and they happily indulged in the bountiful offering, a squirrel.

Although they may look frail and delicate, as if they are starving, there is no need to worry. It’s normal for eaglets to appear this way. Raptorresource.blogspot.com explains, “The birds grow very rapidly and according to Gary R Bortolotti, bald eagles may gain more weight per day than any other bird in North America.

Watching baby eagles in their early stage has turned into quite the rage. The amount of viewers grew from four million views on Monday to six million on Thursday.

Currently, the Decorah bald eagle is still sitting on one of the  eggs and waiting for the egg, which is being referred to as D14, to hatch. There hasn’t even been a pip yet from D14. But no need to worry, viewers of the live streaming video can expect to see a baby bird shortly.

Check out the video and maybe you’ll be able to catch an eaglet being born!

Streaming video by Ustream