Jennifer Love Hewitt Digital Breast Reduction ‘Client List’ (Photo)

Jennifer Love Hewitt
(Credit: Lifetime)

Digital breast reduction, it’s the latest technique to get over-sized busts smaller! Just kidding, unless you are Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Like it or not, J Love is well-known for her sexy figure which probably helped her land her new role on Lifetime’s Client List. However, after she received a digital breast reduction which is appearing in the ads for the new series, we’re not too sure what Lifetime is thinking.

It seems to be okay for Hewitt to appear ing the ads for the Lifetime wearing bosom-baring lingerie, just as long as her breasts are smaller? Not only have the new ads covered up more of her cleavage, but her breasts are barely visible.

“Some magazines and websites wanted something a little tamer,” an insider tells E! Online. “So Lifetime changed them a little bit. Things like this happen all the time. Would Lifetime want all the ads to show them as they really are? Of course!”

J Love was receiving some flack for the series before it even hit the airwaves. People were concerned about the Client List‘s racy plotline: Hewitt’s character is a masseuse who does more for her clients than rub their backs.

“It’s a TV show,”Hewitt explained to E! Online at a Client List launch party at L.A.’s Sunset Tower hotel. “They’re not offended by Dexter or Nurse Jackie, but they’re offended by me giving a happy ending?” Not a bad point, considering Dexter is about a serial killer who apparently has morals.

Though the show has been getting lots of backlash, it had 2.8 million viewers on its first episode, according to Deadline.

Hewitt’s costar on the show, Colin Egglesfield, made a joke that he was responsible for the lingerie Hewitt’s character wears on the show.

“I’m a consultant in the wardrobe department,’ he said. “I help style her in her trailer before each scene.”

Hm, wonder if there’s any truth to that?