The Rundown: Long Island’s Weekly Random To-Do List, 4.12 – 4.19



15RunDown Apprentice1. TIVO CELEBRITY APPRENTICE: Normally, we would never, ever suggest you watch a two-hour, sometimes three-hour show, especially one on Sunday night, but at this point in the season, Celebrity Apprentice is one you should keep in the Queue. Why? The filthy and anger-laden comedian Lisa Lampanelli and the hot mess egomaniac that is Aubrey O’Day. Who? You know, that chick that got kicked out of Diddy’s band back in the day. These two are walking time bombs that go from violent tantrums to tearful nervous breakdowns in a New York minute. It’s great.

15RuNDown Ricki2. MEET RICKI LAKE: Most of us know her as the former host of The Ricki Lake Show, the ’90s talk show filled with baby mama drama and the like. But Lake is also an actress, filmmaker and author who has had just about as much drama in her own life as she’s had on her day-time talk show stage. On April 17 at 7 p.m., Ricki comes to the Book Revue in Huntington to speak about and sign her memoir, Never Say Never: Finding a Life that Fits, filled with stories of the sexual abuse she endured, her subsequent food issues and weight problems, near bankruptcy, a brutal divorce and a string of broken romances.

15RunDown Jesus3. GOOGLE “THE ULTIMATE JESUS FISH”: Jesus has turned up in a lot of places—grilled cheese sandwiches, window panes, etc., but this one is up there among the strangest. Erika Scheldt, 24, photographed a dead stingray last week while frolicking on a South Carolina beach. She thought she saw a “bearded, homeless man” in its shell. She later determined that it was, in fact, Jesus. Believe it? Or not…

15RunDown Instagram4. GET INSTAGRAM FOR ANDROID: After being exclusive to iPhone users, the increasingly popular photo taking and sharing app—and Mark Zuckerberg’s latest acquisition—Instagram, has become available on Android phones. Complete with a host of editing abilities like filters and lens effects, the app offers a great way to customize and share pictures of whatever you see fit. The app is available in the Android market place, or what is now called the “play store.”

15RunDown ArtTransit5. SEE ART IN TRANSIT ON THE LIRR: Public art projects are common in the city, but on Long Island it’s hard to find one as large as the one students in Professor Rob Goldman’s Special Projects in Digital Photography class have planned for the Island—Art in Transit. Their work will become part of French street artist JR’s global art project, Inside/Out, to bring positive change to the world through public art. With the cooperation of building owners, the students will be mounting the prints in mid-May so commuters will have something other than graffitied buildings and abandoned lots to look at during their ride. Visit www.insideoutproject.net for a sneak peak.

15RunDown SuperHero6. TURN YOURSELF INTO A SUPER HERO: The UK novelty company Firebox is offering personalized action figures, created from your photos. Choose from five bodies—Superman, Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and The Joker. How do they do it? Firebox says it best: “Using advanced 3-D printing technology your photographs will be turned into a fully-formed 3-D version of your noggin —including eye color, skin tone, hair style and hair color. Accurate? It’ll be like looking in a teaspoon.” Except that looking in a teaspoon is cheaper. These bad boys will run you $127. Make yourself super a www.firebox.com.

15RunDown Trojan7. BEWARE THE MAC TROJAN HORSE: The unthinkable has happened: approximately 600,000 Mac users have been infected with a Trojan horse, making them vulnerable to things like data theft and keystroke logging. Gasp! Mac users, who often boast about their computers’ inability to contract the common viruses that plague PCs, get the Trojan when they download what is disguised as an update to Adobe Flash video viewing software. So, think twice before you click.

15RunDown DesignerToys8. ENTER THE 2012 DESIGNER TOY AWARDS: A Tickle Me Justin Bieber? A Talking Taco? Why not? Just promise us you won’t make yet another doll with bodily functions. The DTAs bring together dozens of artists, writers and fans to celebrate creative excellence in the global Designer Toy market, both the sub-culture niche and the mainstream alike. And this year, anyone can anonymously submit an organization or individual for consideration. Get the details at www.designertoyawards.com. Nominations will be officially announced during the San Diego Comic Con in July 2012 and the ceremony itself will be in New York City in October 2012.

15RunDown Income Tax9. DO YOUR INCOME TAX: Learn from the mistakes of Wesley Snipes, Heidi Fleiss, Darryl Strawberry and Nicolas Cage. The IRS filing deadline for 2011 is Tues., April 17.

15RunDown EggSalad10. MAKE EGG SALAD, DEVILED EGGS AND…UH…POTATO SALAD?: Because what the hell else are you going to do with all those multi-colored, hard-boiled eggs left over from Easter!?!