Earth Day This Sunday

Photo Credit: NASA

This Sunday marks the celebration of mother Earth. And we here at the Long Island Press take Earth Day very serious, after all the day is dedicated to the place that harbors our very existence.

Just look at that beautiful marble…

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Photo Credit: NASA

Admit it, Earth is a pretty rad planet and we’re all lucky to call it home. And while we have days to honor our mothers, fathers and even our own birthdays, we didn’t have a day to honor Earth before the 70s. Shame on us.

Earth Day was eventually started on April, 22, 1970 and is credited to Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin who was affected by the 1969 massive oil spill in California and inspired by the student anti-war movement to infuse that public energy and a consciousness about pollution.

The first Earth Day was organized by Nelson and his team and involved over 20 million Americans who took to the streets and rallied for a more healthy, sustainable environment.  Earth Day launched the modern environmental movement and was created to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement, Earth Day Network does this through advocacy, education, public policy, and consumer campaigns each year.

This year, it will be the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day and the campaign “Mobilize the Earth” will focus on uniting voices in a call for a sustainable future. The day will include events like tree plantings around the globe to celebrate and advocate a healthy environment.

“Earth Day 2012 will act as a launch pad for growing the environmental movement and will put forth a bold declaration demanding immediate action to secure Renewable Energy for All and a sustainable future for our planet. The movement will be comprised of individuals of every age from all corners of the Earth, and will call upon local, national, and international leaders to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies, embrace renewable energy technology, improve energy efficiency, and make energy universally accessible,” reads the Earth Day website.