Improv Everywhere Surprises Couple In Central Park With Instant Date (Video)

Picture 19

Picture 19Improv is all about spontaneous performances and one Central Park couple got to enjoy the fruits of it recently.

A video has just gone viral showing an improv team surprising a couple in the Manhattan park with a dinner and concert.

The video comes from Improv Everywhere.

“For today’s mission, we are going to find a random couple here somewhere in Central Park and we’re going to surprise them with a fancy dinner and a concert with Carnegie Hill musicians,” says one man in the new video before cutting to the couple.

The team is seen approaching a couple sitting on a bench in front of a pond. “Good afternoon sir and madam,” the waiter says to the couple as he places a table in front of them and lights a candle. “I see you found your seats.”

The couple continues to sit together but takes on a confused look as the waiter leaves them only to return with two plates full of fruits, cheeses and meats, as another man pours them sparkling cider and asks them how they are.

The two giggle as they continue to be served and begin to relax as the agents tell them everything is free, something many New Yorkers never hear. Onlookers seem just as entertained as they snap pictures of the fancy dinner at the park.

As they wrap up their dinner, the waiter hands the couple two tickets “for tonight’s show,” to which the couple seems confused once again. An usher then appears to tear the tickets and hand out the programs before setting up music stands.  Two men appear and unfold a banner behind the couple, displaying a panoramic view of Carnegie Hall.

No sooner do musicians Brad Balliett, Julietta Curenton, Alicia Lee, Alma Liebrecht, and Carl Oswald step on the scene with their instruments and play Mozart piece, “Serenade No. 10.”

The couple applauds as the ensemble ends their performance, bows and exits.

“Mission Accomplished” reads the video description.

Check it out.