Top 10 Tuesday: Long Island Mini Golf Courses


Mini golfing is a popular American past time, and a favorite for most Long Islanders.

What makes the game so great on Long Island are the enormous amount of choices players have. From the plethora of putt putt courses, players can experience different themes, decorations, obstacles, and amenities. Each golf course maintains a certain attraction and enticing angle that allows it to be a mini golfing experience unique to the others.

Many avid mini golfers come back time and time again to these courses, but what makes a great course is ultimately up to the golfers to decide. It could be the beauty, the decorations, the intriguing theme, or the amenities that the golf course has to offer.

Each of the top ten mini-golf courses delivers this to its audience of golfers, allowing for a memorable and always amusing  experience. Check out the Top 10 Long Island mini golf locations:

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