Dad Straps 4 Kids to Hood of Car, Drives Off

Sefanski and Clark
(Credit: The Smoking Gun)
(Credit: The Smoking Gun)

Riding around in your dad’s car with the windows down is fun. Being tied to the hood of your father’s car while he drives home from the liquor store, not so fun.

An Indiana man, Aaron Stefanski, reportedly believed his children were enjoying being strapped to the top of his vehicle while he was driving home from the liquor store, according to the Journal Gazette.

“I was only going to drive around the corner. I thought they would like it,” he reportedly told authorities.

Stefanski, 29, tied down his 4 and 5-year-old sons, his 6-year-old daughter and Jessica Clark’s 7-year-old daughter to the hood by using a tow strap, police said.

Stefanski and his children, Clark and her daughter, were all riding together in the vehicle when the adults decided to make a pit stop at Belmont Beverage.

One of the liquor store workers called 911 when he noticed Stefanski strapping down four kids to the hood of a large white vehicle.

Luckily for the children a U.S. Marshal was in the area and heard the dispatch. After spotting Stefanski’s car, the U.S. Marshal reportedly pulled him over.

Authorities who arrived at the scene alleged they smelt alcohol on Stefanski’s breath. They determined his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit, the Journal Gazette reported.

The father of three was arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent, driving while intoxicated and criminal recklessness.

Clark, 29, who is the mother of the oldest child involved in the incident, later told police that Stefanski might have not used the best judgment. She was also arrested and charged with neglect of a dependent.