Justin Bieber “Turn To You” (Audio)

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Picture 4Justin Bieber has released the perfect track for Mother’s Day.

The song, called “Turn to You,” targets single mothers like Bieber’s own. It was a special song written by the 19-year-old for his mother Pattie Mallette.

Mallette had Bieber when she was a teen.

“You worked two jobs, to keep a roof above our heads. You chose, a life for me no you never gave up. I admire you for the strength you’ve instilled in me,” Bieber sings in “Turn To You.”

“So when you’re lost and you’re tired, when you’re broken in two let my love take you higher cause I, I still turn to you, I still turn to you, I still turn to you,” he sings.

What makes this personal track so special is that Bieber plans to donate the proceeds to help single mothers.  The singer tweeted, “Think im gonna release #TurnToYOU for my mom this friday for mother’s day weekend. the proceeds will go to help other single moms. Thanks”

Justin Bieber is only the latest pop star to pay tribute to his mom. In earlier years other pop stars have dedicated songs to their mothers too.

Taylor Swift released “The Best Day” back in 2008 while Christina Aguilera released “Oh Mother” in 2006.  In the 1990s, a slew of groups released mother-oriented tracks. In 1997, Boyz II Men released “A Song for Mama” and the Spice Girls released “Mama.” A few years after that in 1999, Backstreet Boys released “The Perfect Fan.”

The track comes from Bieber’s upcoming third studio album Believe, which is set to be released June 19.

The song follows lead single “Boyfriend.” That single was released in earlier months along with a music video. The song was first previewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on March 1 and later released in full on March 26 with a music video following May 3.

Check it out.