Giants Super Bowl Ring Revealed on Twitter

Giants Super Bowl ring
Giants Super Bowl ring (Photo credit: Steve Weatherford Twitter)

The Giants championship ring was leaked on the Internet Tuesday, giving the whole world a glimpse of what Big Blue’s shiny new Super Bowl ring looks like.

No, it’s not like we were leaked CIA documents or something, but we think this is just as cool—or even cooler than learning about secret operations going on around the world.

So how did this hit the Internet? Giants punter Steve Weatherford tweeted it out.

Yeah, maybe “leaked” is a strong word, but forgive us for trying to add some juice to a story about rings given to millionaires as a gift for winning football’s biggest game.

According to the picture provided by Weatherford, the ring features all four Vince Lombardi trophies the Giants have stored away somewhere in New Jersey.

The piece of jewelry is a 14-karat white gold 30mm ring with surrounding diamonds, the description states. It has a sapphire band and contains “diamond footballs.”

Surrounding the ring is the words “New York Giants 2011 World Champions.” There are 1.36 carats in diamonds and 1.11 in sapphires.

According to the New York Daily News, the Giants will be given the rings, which they earned by knocking off the New England Patriots for the second time in four years during the Super Bowl, during a private ceremony at Tiffany’s on Wednesday night.

So what does the Giants excitable punter think about the new piece of jewelry?

“She sure is pretty,” he tweeted.