European History Time-Lapse [Video]

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Picture 64Well, why didn’t they show us this in history class? A new video that gives an entertaining account of the history of Europe in under four minutes has gone viral.

It was posted to YouTube by Harunostasj months ago but skyrocketed in popularity recently thanks to Buzzfeed, who posted it to their site earlier this week. Since then it’s climbed the YouTube charts and garnered hundreds of thousands of views.

Unlike the many years students spend learning similar material through various text books, the video is easy to follow and uses vibrant colors, chronicling Europe’s transformation from 1000 AD to 2003 including “Europe’s shifting borders, alliances, unions, territories, occupied land etc,” according to the YouTube video caption.

The video gives viewers a much needed dose of history in a fun way. We never thought we would be able to watch how the Spanish Peninsula went from Muslim Spain to Portugal and Spain through a quick silent viral video. Viewers also see how Byzantine Empire became the Ottoman Empire and when Poland, Russia, and Turkey came into the picture.

By far, one of the most amazing parts of the video is when viewers watch as the Soviet Union takes over most of Europe and later dwindles down and disappears.

Check it out.