Dwyane Wade, Erik Spoelstra Fight [Video]

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There’s been plenty of discussion Friday morning about the drubbing the Heat got at the hands of the Indiana Pacers on Thursday, but more than that, people are talking about superstar Dwayne Wade’s heated argument with head coach Erik Spoelstra during a timeout.

The NBA player, who was having one of the worst playoff games of his career, got into Spoelstra’s face mid-game in what looked like an act of frustration.

The quarrel went down during the third quarter time out, when it became clear the coach said some words that didn’t go over well with Wade. The chat quickly escalated and Wade was seen getting in his coach’s face and getting loud. Luckily, before the confrontation went any further, Wade was pushed back by teammates and the game continued.

The Heat eventually lost out the Pacers 94-75 in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. The series will continue Sunday with Game 4.

Following the game Wade played it coy, not acknowledging what had happened. “I don’t even remember what you all are talking about,” Wade reportedly said afterward.

And his coach too, played it down, saying “that happens,” and that, “Anybody that has been part of a team or has been a coach or been a player, you have no idea how often things like that happen.”

He added: “That was during a very emotional part of the game. We were getting our butt kicked. Those exchanges happen all the time during the course of an NBA season.”

“That really is nothing. That is the least of our concern,” Spoelstra said, according to reports. “Our concern is getting ready for Sunday.”

Check it out.