SMU Women’s Rowing “Call Me Maybe” Goes Viral [Video]

Picture 108The women’s rowing team of Southern Methodist University in Texas has become the latest team to take on the hit pop song “Call Me Maybe,” by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

The song and music video have become a phenomenon in recent months as celebrities, and sporting teams have all created viral remixes. The SMU version has become the latest to go viral and collect thousands of views.

“Ball’s in your court, Harvard Baseball,” reads the video caption of the latest remake.  The team takes on the song in a bus, kicking their legs up to a choreographed routine.

The routine comes as a similar one, that the Harvard baseball team performed with their arms in recent weeks.

The two sport teams taking on the Canadian pop star’s song aren’t the only ones. A slew of sport teams have done the same, including the University of Florida baseball team, Monmouth women’s lacrosse, Texas State baseball, Forest Hills rowing, University of Connecticut’s women’s rowing and women’s basketball, to name a few.

In the past, remakes have included the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry while others starred a Papa John’s delivery man.

Fellow Canadian Justin Bieber was the first to release a remake of the song starring his girlfriend Selena Gomez and friend Ashley Tisdale. It was followed by a remake starring Katy Perry in which she performed the song while in front of a pool with friends.

Celebrities and sport teams aren’t the only ones getting recognized for their remakes, a trio of girls remade the music video with the help of a Papa Johns delivery man. The video went viral in April and had many thinking it was a secret publicity campaign by Papa Johns but in fact it was just a coincidence he walked in when they were filming and a spur of the moment choice to jump in and dance along.

The song was first released by Jepsen back in September and comes as the lead single of her second album “Curiousity.” Check it out.