Miami Cannibal Surveillance Video Goes Viral (Video)

(Photo: ) Ronald Poppo (L) had his face chewed off by Rudy Eugene in Miami. (Miami-Dade Police Department)
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(Screenshot from surveillance video)

The horrifying news of an alleged cannibal attack in Miami this week has many people question it’s authenticity. But disturbingly, it’s true: a man actually chewed another man’s face and devoured his flesh.

And now there’s surveillance to prove it the incident actually occurred.

The horrific drama played out for all the world to see, thanks to the Miami Herald’s surveillance camera that captured the incident Saturday. Viewers watch as two men laid nude on the side of the MacArthur Causeway, legs shaking, as police surrounded the two.

The two men in the video are Ronald Poppa and Rudy Eugene.

Poppa, a 65-year-old homeless man, was the victim of the almost 20-minute Hannibal Lecter-like attack, and was left with nearly 80 percent of his face allegedly chewed off by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.

Poppa was reportedly sleeping on elevated train tracks on the causeway this week when Eugene allegedly knocked him out and began ingesting his face down to his goatee.

“The forehead was just bone. No nose, no mouth,” said Sgt. Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, according to International Business Times.

The attack ended in a standoff with police and ultimately the death of Eugene, who was shot after growling with chunks of flesh swinging from his mouth and refusing to step away from his victim.

Poppa now sits in the hospital awaiting a decision to undergo reconstructive surgery to help rebuild his features that were gnawed off during the attack or an entire face transplant.

Click for the alleged images of Ronald Poppo: WARNING DISTURBING VICTIM’S FACE & BODY 

Authorities believe Eugene’s attack may have been ignited by bath salts containing synthetic stimulants that can cause paranoia and hallucinations when abused, though it has not been confirmed and only will be in weeks to come when toxicology reports become available.

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