‘Miami Zombie Attack Prank!’ Goes Viral (Video)

Miami Zombie Attack Prank
(Credit: Androidzoom.com)

It’s no laughing matter that cannibalism has been reported in the US this past week, but what is kind of funny is the prank zombie video, “Miami Zombie Attack Prank,” that VitalyzdTV posted on Youtube.

The scandalous video has gone viral with over a million views after only being posted for two days and with good reason: last week’s horrifying “zombie” attacks have made people obsessed with zombies and the video is pretty hysterical.

A man who hails from Delray Beach, in Florida, took advantage of everyone’s heightened fears of zombies and dresses up as a flesh-eating zombie, chasing other Southern Floridians around the neighborhood.

He smeared blood on his face and grunts, screams and hobbles as he chases locals around the residential area. At first most people just stare at him, but become increasingly alarmed as he gets closer. The chase begins once the “victims” seek refuge and run away.

Aside from the fact that the man is taking of advantage of other’s fear, it could easily be perceived as racist since it’s a white man chasing around mostly black people.

According to filmmaker Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s Twitter page, he has only been in the US since 2004.  Six years later he began posting videos to his YouTube channel with “hilarious/insane pranks and shorts films.”

For promoting this video, Zdorovetskiy  admitted via Twitter that he came close to getting  shot, which can be observed around the two-minute mark.

Take a look at the video, do you think the video is funny or did filmmaker Vitaly Zdorovetskiy go too far?