Tom and Ray Magliozzi To End “Car Talk”

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The Click and Clack behind NPR’s “Car Talk” are bidding farewell after 35 years on the air.

Brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the hosts of the nationally broadcasted radio show, have decided to call it quits after more than three decades of being on-air personalities. While the duo is ceasing to make new episodes of the popular auto-advice show, re-purposed versions of the show will be airing on NPR indefinitely.

“Car Talk” got its start in 1977 on WBUR, a radio station in Boston. After 10 years on WBUR, the show got picked up by NPR and went national.

The show was designed as a call-in radio show, with listeners calling in with questions about motor vehicle maintenance and repair. The Magliozzi’s used their knowledge of car repair, Bostonian accents and humor to become NPR’s most popular program. So popular, in fact, that the show has allowed the Magliozzi brothers to branch out into other mediums.

The pair appeared on the children’s animated series Arthur, inspired a short-lived CBS series (The George Wendt Show 1995-96), and even had their own short-lived animated series called Click and Clack’s as the Wrench Turns, which aired for one season in 2008.

Millions all over the country tune in every Saturday morning to hear the twosome, known as Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers. Many listeners are sure to be disappointed, but the Magliozzi brothers are assuring everyone that they may be gone, but not forgotten.

In a post on their website called “Time to Get Even Lazier”, the brothers confirm the continuance of the show until further notice.

“Every week, starting in October, NPR will broadcast a newly assembled Car Talk show, selected from the best material in our archives.” writes Ray. The brothers will also continue to write their “Dear Tom & Ray…” column.

As Tom states in their online post, “Sorry, detractors, we’re still going to be on the air!”